I got one customer who wanted to find all the installed Windows Store App using WPF platform. However, you cannot code in WPF because the current SDK for querying such information only supports UWP, not WPF.

After some research, there is one PowerShell script Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers which will return all the installed Windows Store apps under all the user accounts in that PC.

Reference link:Get-AppxPackage

So what we will show here is how to use .NET library to call PowerShell scripts.

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This article is a further topic of last WebView version. I mentioned in that article, the pro for WebView version is easy to implement. However, using that approach, we will totally depend on the bot development, there is no much things to do in Xamarin development.

Also, Google has published lots of restricts to use WebView.

In this article, I will introduce another approach which is also recommended by myself. We are going to use Direct Line Service to communicate with our Bot using Xamarin app.

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Nowaways Microsoft focuses on the Azure products especially in the AI area. This article is to demonstrate how to migrate Bot Framework into Xamarin.

The reason why I wrote this article is simple. I support Xamarin product in MS, and I’d love to learn the technology for Bot. After this article, I will write different topics also, such as how to migrate Azure Cognitive Service to Xamarin, etc.

Technical Skills

  • Xamarin (WebView)
  • Bot Framework (Web Chat)

What you need to know

You should have some basic knowledge on Xamarin and Bot Framework to read this article. This article will demonstrate how to migrate a Web App Bot into Xamarin application. Since it’s a web app bot, so it’s possible to use it directly in the WebView.

There will be one more artile regarding how to use Direct Line Service as the channel to communicate between Bot and Xamarin. In that case, the channel of the Bot will be Direct Line.

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