In this blog, I will introduce how to use custom renderer to customize the back button icon and text in app’s navigation bar.

There is reason that why I have to log this blog. Let’s say, if you want to customize some control in Xamarin.Forms using custom render, usually you will do this: First, learn what is the native control that is wrapped in Xamarin.Forms, then you create a new class which inherits from that control’s class. After that, you will create a renderer class for that control in the platform-specific project which is Android, iOS or UWP. You will use the normal format how custom renderer does on that class and implement the OnElementChanged method for the customization logic, the OnElementChanged method was called when the control was generated. At the end, you will be able to use that new control in your XAML page file.

The official document of how to use custom renderer is here: Xamarin.Forms Custom Renderers

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